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Press kit for season 2

Synopsis: Set in the world of actors cast by productions desperate to hit their diversity quotas, Season 2 of TOKENS pivots from the comedic overuse of On Call Casting, the democratic Uber-ization of diverse representation in Season 1, to a comedy about the hunger-gaming of casting and the need to stay ahead of the trend. Sammie Pang, in her quest to find a meaningful role, quits On Call Casting and lands a Hollywood Agent and, seemingly, the role of a lifetime. She soon realizes being on top isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Season 2 moves the idea of inclusion in front of the camera to the need for authenticity behind the camera.

Official Images for Season 2

Sedina Fiati as ESE
TOKENS-S2-OFFICIAL-12-(photo credit_ Samantha_Falco).jpg
Connie Wang, Ajahnis Charley, Amy Matysio
Connie Wang in Tokens
Jessica Greco & Samora Smallwood
Christina Song, Connie Wang & Russell Yuen as VIVIEN, SAMMIE & BOB

Official Poster for Season 2 

Other elements

Tokens Season 2 Poster.jpg

Season 2 Credits

DIRECTED BY                                    Winnifred Jong

PRODUCED BY                                  Trinni Franke

WRITTEN BY                                      Winnifred Jong

                                                            Trinni Franke

                                                            Vincent Lui


SAMMIE                                             Connie Wang

DEMAR                                               Ryan Allen

BETTY                                                 Shelley Thompson

JESSICA AD                                       Jessica Greco

HOLLYWOOD AGENT                      Tara Strong

ROXY                                                  Marianne Phung

VIVIAN                                                Christina Song

BOB                                                    Russell Yuen

VASANT                                             Fuad Ahmed

ESE THE MAKEUP ARTIST               Sedina Fiati

DIRECTOR #2                                    Sharron Matthews

PRODUCER                                        Amy Matysio

NANDITA                                           Sarena Parmar

DR. INDY                                            Indy Saluja

STUDIO BOSS                                   John Bourgeois

CINEMATOGRAPHER                      Ted Stokes

JENN THE COSTUMER                   Samora Smallwood

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT             Andrew James McMichael

DIVERSITY TRAINER                        Cindy Sampson

SOCIAL EQUITY NINJA                   Ajahnis Charley

REPORTER                                        Tricia Black

STARLET (Voice)                                Victoria Sawal

Bio for Winnifred Jong

Bio for Trinni Franke

Bio for Connie Wang

Bio for Ryan Allen

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