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"We fill your role!"


Meet Sammie, played by Connie Wang.  Sammie just wants to make it as an actress. She’s trying her best not to let the world dull her shine, but On Call Casting’s wacky assignments and pressure from her traditional parents are making that very difficult.  She might not know kung fu, but she’s ready to act like she does if it means landing that next big gig.

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Meet DeMar, the stunt coordinator-turned-actor played by Ryan Allen.  He’s hoping On Call Casting might help him land a role other than “gangbanger” or “low rent OD victim”.  But at this point, he’s taking what he can get. 

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Meet Betty, played by Shelley Thompson. Betty is the entrepreneurial dispatcher at On Call Casting, an agency specially created to help busy production companies fill those pesky diversity quotas.  Betty enjoys yoga, meditation, and exploiting the hopes and dreams of aspiring actors. Call her cynical, but her business is going through the roof!



Overworked, underpaid, totally exhausted. This is Jessica the AD, played by Jessica Greco. Between running her set and appeasing the Producer, Jessica can’t seem to catch a break. She just wants one good night’s sleep and a call time later than 6 AM. Same here, Jessica.



Meet Dennis the AD, played by Daniel Maslany.  Everyone manages stress differently, and Dennis… well, his coping strategies include shrieking, sobbing, and flying off the handle at the slightest inconvenience. He may not always be grace under pressure, but he gets the job done, and he’s got On Call Casting on speed dial for all his diversity needs. 



Meet Roxy, played by Chelsea Clark. Roxy is your lovable local bubble tea employee, and Sammie’s best friend and confidante.  Roxy’s not one to hold back her advice, and she always knows how to cheer Sammie up. She may love bubble tea, but when it comes to Sammie’s career woes, she might advocate for something a bit stronger.

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Meet Priya, played by Krystal Kiran.  Priya is still learning the ins and outs of the biz with the help of her friends Sammie and DeMar. Today she learned that aliens are forehead-specific roles… who woulda thought?  Priya is looking for a role where the costume department won’t be dressing her in scrubs for once.  Is that too much to ask?

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Meet Vivian, aka Sammie’s Mom, played by Christina Song. Sammie’s Mom just wants what’s best for Sammie. But does that really include giving up Chinese school and quitting her real job just to struggle as an actress in an industry rigged against her?  



Meet Bob, aka Sammie’s Dad, played by Russell Yuen.  Sammie’s Dad may never have gotten over Sammie quitting Pharmacy school – “good job, good money” – but deep down, he’s just hoping Sammie will find a way to support herself soon.



Meet Vasant, played by Gabe Grey.  Back home in India, Vasant is Bollywood royalty.  In Canada, Vasant is finding it hard to convince anyone that he has the right look to play the leading man anymore. How does Taxi Driver #3 sound instead, Vasant?



Meet our Director #1, played by Jonathan Cherry. Director #1 swears like a trucker, and he doesn’t quite understand what all this hoopla is about “diversity” and “representation”.  Let’s just say that political correctness is not his forte. Sammie and the rest of the talent at On Call Casting have their work cut out for them.



Meet Director #2, played by Sharron Matthews. Like all good directors, Director #2 is always on the lookout for a diamond in the rough that will give that Oscar-worthy performance.  She’s not convinced that kind of talent is coming out of On Call Casting (they are the Uber for Actors, after all) but she’s willing to give them a chance.



Behind every set is a coffee-guzzling, number-crunching producer.  Meet the Producer, played by Amy Matysio.  Find her on her cell phone or terrorizing her crew on set.  Good luck asking if you can bill those two hours of overtime.  And don’t get her started on how she feels about diversity quotas. 

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